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    Fire rated systems

    The need for Fire rated systems is now a very common occurrence with all commercial fit-outs. See below our capabilites to adapt our services to include the fire rating you need.

    Fire Resistant doors

    Door cores from stock are available as 44mm thick cellular core (non fire rated), 44mm thick solid core (30 minutes fire rated) and 54mm thick solid core (60 minutes fire rated), all subject to individual installation conditions. To achieve full fire performance, doors must be installed with all necessary intumescent materials and an approved self-closing device fitted.

    Depending on the required project specification, doors can be engineered to comply with FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 fire ratings and achieve acoustic performances from 30dbrw up to 42dbrw. Forza doors in full doorset mode (nominal 2100mm x 900mm unglazed) have been tested in single action single leaf and double action single leaf mode and achieved 'Heavy Duty' status. (High frequency of use by the public and others with little incentive to exercise care). The tests were conducted in accordance with the British Standard BS 947 and Draft for Development DD171.

    01444 258 588

    Hi. If you have any questions or require any specification documents, call us or send us a message here.

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      Fire Resistant Office Glass

      The increased use of glazing in buildings, together with building code requirements in the fire-rated glass sector have lead to the development of new types of fire resistant glasses and glass partitions. The trend for fire protection is definitely moving towards incorporating more glass in new ways leading to many new products available in addition to wired glass. Specially toughened glasses and clear laminated glasses have transformed the way architects think about fire protection. Modern technology permits the use of glass in the most aesthetically sensitive areas without compromising fire safety standards. Fire resistant glass is suitable for use in stairwells, computer rooms, evacuation routes in large office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and other heat sensitive areas. The advantages include the restriction in the spread of flames, smoke and hot gases.

      A West Park office refurbishment or partitioning project can include a wide range of fire resistant glass systems, classified by levels of integrity and insulation to contain the spread of flame, smoke and heat. From the latest silicone butt jointed technology, to the very highest performance timber and steel framed systems, offering from 30 mins to up to 2 hours (120 minutes) integrity and insulation.

      Integrity Fire protection relates to the amount of time the system has been proven and is required to maintain its integrity when it is faced with fire. Insulation Fire protection is the added measure where the partition also needs to insulate occupants of the building from the fire on the other side of the partition wall or glass screen.

      Features of Fire Resistant Office Glass

      The following levels of fire rating are available on commercial partitions:

      30:00 – 30:30 – 60:00 – 60:30 – 60:60 – 90:00 – 90:30 – 90:60 – 90:90 – 120:00 – 120:30 – 120:60 – 120:90 – 120:120

      The first number above being Fire rating integrity and the second number fire rating insulation (Integrity : Insulation)